About Us

As Catholics and professional web designers it concerns us that so many of our Catholic Organizations don’t have an online presence that is responsive (so as to work properly on smartphones and tablets etc.).

It also concerned us that so many of our websites are not reflective of the quality and grace of the Organisations themselves or the Church as a whole.

We are Catholics first and foremost, and we use the teachings and values of our Lord as the basis of our business plan as well as in our personal lives. Because greed is not a factor with us, our rates really are quite extraordinary and represent an affordable alternative to expensive commercial web design studios.

While we are based in Sydney, Australia, the advantages of the internet allow us to easily work with any Catholic group anywhere in the world that has internet access.

The principle behind Catholic Web Design and it’s lead designer is Michael Peterson. Michael is a Minister of the Eucharist and a Catholic Acolyte having been instituted at St. Mary’s Cathedral by the then Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell. He serves at ‘Our Lady of the Sacred Heart’ Parish in Randwick in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

Michael has been designing and building websites for many years and takes pride in keeping up with emerging technical advances in the web development realm. He is also a passionate student of Philosophy and Theology and is currently studying the works of his favorite Theologian/Philosopher Saint Thomas Aquinas. His continuing focus is firmly upon the amazing “Summa Theologica”.

While Catholic Web Design may be relatively new, you can be assured that the experience and skills behind the name are not. Our goal is to earn the support of the Catholic Community, and we certainly won’t succeed in that, unless our work and ethics are of the highest standard possible.