Catholic Web Design Prices

highest quality imageWe would encourage you to hunt around and do some research on the usual prices associated with web design and development. Typing the term “web design” + “your city” into Google should do the trick.

Two things will probably become apparent;

  1. Not a lot of web design agencies like to be helpful and display a ball-park figure for their services.
  2. The starting price generally begins around the US$4000-$5000 mark or even much higher.

Catholic Web Design is very different. You can read below to better understand why, but our costs for the average size website with a relatively standard level of functionality will usually cost around the US$1000 mark.We also now have a ‘Budget Package’ of US$495 which will be great news for some Organizations.

Of course, once we are fully aware of your requirements we can give you an exact quote which won’t be broken unless you want to include some extra functionality during the design or construction process.

Our Price Innovation

The price innovation we are talking about can probably be distilled down to two words ‘Honesty’ and ‘Frameworks’.

Let’s chat about ‘Honesty’ first.
Most web design and development firms around the world, now use framework systems similar to those described below. They are somewhat hesitant to reveal this fact, largely because it’s a way of subversively increasing profit margins. The old saying that ‘time is money’ is certainly applicable to the web development industry, and if you can dramatically reduce your development time while still charging the same amount, your overall profits will increase.

We, on the other hand, are more than happy to be transparent about our time-saving techniques, and directly pass these savings on to you in the way of attractively reduced costs.

So what are ‘Frameworks’?
All websites run on various types of code. The term ‘framework’ in this instance refers to a code library that is used to dramatically speed up development time, by allowing the designer/developer to use this pre-written code rather than laboriously having to write and test the hundreds or thousands of lines of code themselves.

framework imageThese days frameworks are available for nearly all the coding languages used in web development. For example, Twitter’s ‘Bootstrap’ is probably the most celebrated for basic HTML and CSS use. We have WordPress which is essentially a framework for developing dynamic PHP driven websites. There are even frameworks like Thesis, Pagelines, and Genesis that can be used within WordPress to streamline development time even further.

While some of the well-known systems, like Bootstrap and WordPress, are open source and make an ideal starting point, the whole concept of frameworks can be taken to the next level with the use of advanced commercial framework systems.

We have purchased developer licenses for several high-end systems that allow us to work more efficiently. This reduces costs which are then passed onto the Catholic Organizations we work with by way of substantially lower costs.